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Giant Catfish Trips on the Corentyne River

This top-notch lodge is situated right on the banks of the Corentyne River, and has six twin bedrooms for a max. 12 anglers.


There is an eating and chilling area and the fridges are always filled with ice cold beer, soft drinks and mineral water. The kitchen supplies some great local cuisine for our guests with three great meals a day and snacks before dinner.

The Lodge

Giant Catfish Trips - Corentyne River, Suriname

The ‘Corentyne’ River’ is home to some of the largest predators in the Amazon Watershed.


Our main grand-slam species of Amazonian Cats are:


GIANT FRESHWATER SHARK/LAU-LAU /PIRAIBA are THE Kings of all the Amazonian Cats. These monster Cats grow to over 400lbs and when hooked, roar off at 100 miles an hour. It can take a couple of hours to land one of these huge fish. They will keep taking line and must be followed by boat until they come up to the surface and blow air out. Big beasts, big fights!


DOURADA/GILDED CATFISH are the Piraiba’s close cousin, and is one of the prettiest Cats in the Amazon. Their bodies shine with a golden gleam and they fight just as hard as their cousins. They can grow to nearly 2m and reach 150lbs+.


REDTAIL CATS are the express trains of the river and must be rated as the hardest-fighting Cats in the whole Amazon for their size. An 80lb Redtail will take you all over the river and strips line in reel-smoking, screaming runs. The Redtail is a muscular Giant Tadpole that just keeps on going and going


We also have some great lure fishing for other interesting species:


BUTTERFLY PEACOCK BASS/Cichla ocellaris are incredible adversaries and can be caught using a number of lures, including small topwater propbaits, poppers, walking baits and other surface lures, subsurface minnow and glide baits, bucktail jigs and even soft plastics. One of the most satisfying methods is fly fishing, especially sight-casting to cruising fish. They reach around 10lbs here.


CORVINA/SILVER CROAKERS are great fun to catch on soft plastics, deep jigging spoons and even fish strip baits jigged on the bottom in the deeper pools. They can grow to over 12lbs.

TARPON can sometimes be hooked here also using artificial spoons, jigs, topwaters and sub-surface lures. While less prevalent, there can be found in shoals beating up on baitfish and can be seen rolling in the main river and streams.

The Fishing

Day 1:  SATURDAY, TOUR STARTS - arrival in Paramaribo, transfer and overnight at the Hotel Torarica.


Day 2:  SUNDAY-: early morning flight 1hr to the river and onwards to the lodge by boat 30mins. Half day fishing.


Days 3 - 7:  MONDAY to FRIDAY - five full days’ guided fishing.


Day 8: SATURDAY - half day fishing (making 6 days in total), flight back to Paramaribo same afternoon and overnight at the Hotel Torarica.


Day 9:  SUNDAY - onwards journey home - TOUR ENDS.

Travel Plan

What Does It Cost?

Per person for 6 fishing days and 8 nights USD $3950

based on double occupancy.


Included: Two nights Hotel Torarica (2 persons sharing room), return flights Paramaribo/river/Paramaribo, 6 days of fishing, 6 nights at the lodge, all meals while at lodge, open bar, daily laundry, guided fishing (2 anglers/ boat)..


Not included: International and National air transportation to and from Paramaribo, Suriname, tipping, passports, meals, drinks and other expenses in the city or elsewhere other than at the lodge, costs associated with medical advice and medications for your trip, fishing tackle.  


* A 50% deposit is required to reserve places when booking. The remaining payment is due 90 days before actual trip starts.      


** Prices are stated as a guide and may be subject to currency and seasonal variations. Please enquire for exact prices for the dates you are interested in.

From May to the end of September.


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Tour Summary


Corentyne River

West Suriname


May – end Sept

Adventure Jungle Fishing for Giant Catfish

Piraiba/Lau, Dourada/Gilded and Redtail Cats, Peacock Bass, Corvina/Silver Drum and Tarpon

Amazon Adventure fishing trip in pristine Amazonian rainforest

$3950 per angler for six days fishing

9 days with 6 nights at lodge and two night in Hotel Torarica in Paramaribo on arrival and on return



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The Season


A complete and comprehensive list of gear, clothing and tackle suggestions will be provided once reservation payments have been made. There is no need to over-pack as laundry is done daily.