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Ecolodge Da Barra - Floating Lodge

The ECOLODGE DA BARRA was founded by a group of hardcore anglers who joined forces to provide adventure-seeking anglers with the best infrastructure for fishing in South America.


Apart from being the only floating Lodge in Brazil, it also provides the most modern and up-to-date comfortable, intelligent and ecologically-minded approach to sportfishing. The ECOLODGE DA BARRA is located where the Rio Tapajós is formed, at the confluence of the Rio Teles Pires and Juruena, presenting an enormous area to fish for over 20 species of sportfish.


* This fantastic floating Hotel/Lodge gets our #1 thumbs up for the angler who wants complete comfort and pampering while able to catch a bundle of big fish. In Amazon-Angler.com’s honest opinion, we would classify this amazing floating hotel and fishing trip as our top 5* destination.

The Unique 'Ecolodge Da Barra'

Amazon Floating Lodge Fishing Trip

In this particularly productive and varied watershed, there is a huge diversity of species to be caught. With over 150 lakes and lagoons, three main rivers and many other tributaries, this is a huge fishing area.


Lure fishing - Great top water and subsurface action with big Cichla pinima Peacock Bass, Arowana, Bicuda and other species using surface Prop baits, poppers and stick baits/Spooks in the many lagoons and lakes, against the submerged trees and tree stands, off points and sand bars, along the banks and all over the river system and tributaries. Excellent subsurface action can also be had using minnow baits, bucktail jigs with extended tails and other lures also for big Cichla pinima Peacock Bass, Payara/Vampire fish, Arowana, Bicuda and other species


Fly fishing – Fly fishing at this destination is the very best that we have ever experienced at any lodge and anglers can target huge Peacock Bass, Payara, Arowana, Bicuda and may other species with amazing results in the lakes, river, rapids and tributaries. A particularly favourite method is sight casting from the many beaches and sand bars. Most of the faster species found in or near rapids and fast water, like Bicuda and Payara, (there are even Peacock Bass behind the rocks in the fast water) will rip line off your reel at a blistering pace and stripping gloves should be worn to avoid cuts and burns.


There are plenty of Catfish species to target, including two species of Surubim/Shovelnose, Barbado, Jundia/Leopard, Dourada, Jau, Redtails, Piranambu, Piraiba and more (these are best targeted from November – June).

The Fishing

Day 1:  [Friday] Arrival in Manaus. Transfer Eduardo Gomes International Airport to Hotel and overnight stay in Manaus.


Day 2: [Saturday] 7.00 am transfer from Hotel to Flores Local Airport. 8.30 am Private plane Cessna 208 Grand Caravan to Ecolodge, with an expected arrival at 10.30. After lunch, anglers will have free time to get unpacked, get their gear ready for next day’s fishing, relax and have a few drinks.


Day 3 - 8: [Sunday to Friday] Six full days of fishing (6.00am to 6.00pm).


Day 9: [Sunday] Check out at 10.00 am. Air taxi boarding at 11.00 am to Manaus with an expected arrival at 1.00 pm. Transfer from Flores Local Airport to Eduardo Gomes International Airport for flight home.

Travel Plan

What Does It Cost?

$4,950 per angler *

based on double occupancy. (Additional 50% for single supplement with own room, guide and own boat.)


Included: Included: Six full days of fishing; 7 nights at the Lodge, based on double occupancy; all meals while at Hotel; open bar; return flights MAO/Ecolodge/MAO; daily laundry; fishing licenses, guided fishing (2 anglers/ boat); overnight at Hotel in city 1st night on arrival; airport assistance and transfers.


Not Included: International and National air transportation to and from cities to Manaus in Brazil or unless specified above; tipping; passports; visas (US residents need to apply for Visas for entry into Brazil while EU residents do NOT need a visa to enter); meals in the city or elsewhere other than at the Hotel; costs associated with medical advice and medications for your trip; other hotel stays (if necessary) elsewhere.



A 50% deposit is required to reserve places when booking. The remaining payment is due 90 days before actual trip starts.


* Prices are stated as a guide and may be subject to currency and seasonal variations. Please enquire for exact prices for the dates you are interested in.


**A 15kg weight allowance on loaded is the limit allowed on each trip on the internal flight + 5kgs hand luggage. There is no need to over-pack as laundry is done daily.

A full tackle guide and gear list will be provided once a deposit payment has been received for reservation of trip.



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Tour Summary


The Ecolodge Da Barra deluxe floating hotel is located on the border of the Amazon River and the states of Pará and Mato Grosso, at the confluence of the Rio Teles Pires and Juruena where the Rio Tapajó is formed.

Rio Tapajós, Amazon


Year round for various species but suggest it is best October for all species

Adventure fishing trip with the added bonus of top luxury and complete comfort in the floating hotel  

Two species of Peacock Bass including the Giant ‘C.Pinima’ and the smaller C. Ocellaris, Arowana,  Payara / Vampire Fish, Trairão / Wolf Fish, Bicuda, Jacundá, Corvina, Matrinchá, Jatuarana, Tambaqui, Pacu,  and mixed Cats including two species of Surubim / Tiger, Barbado, Jundia / Leopard, Dourada, Jau, Redtails, Piranambu, Piraiba and more

Top class, deluxe floating hotel in the middle of the jungle set within an emormous fishing area with over 20 varieties of sport fish for the angler to catch. This is our top fly and lure fishing destination in the amazon!

$4,950* per angler all-inclusive trip

9 Day Trip with 6 Full Days’ Fishing



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No of Days



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Year round, but best time for fly and lure fishing, we recommend May - October. Larger Cats are best targeted from April – July and October - December.

The Seasons


All fishing boats are fitted with 2 fishing seats, front deck, 4 stroke 40 HP outboards, trolling motor, all necessary fuel, and an assortment of local Brazilian lures should anglers like to use another lure other than what’s in their box! All guides are native to the area, fully trained and will do their upmost to make sure anglers catch as many fish as possible, to take some great memories back home.

The Fishing Boats

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The Hotel

There are 16 luxury apartments sleeping 24 anglers at any time. All are spacious, climatized and have a varanda overlooking the river and at 2.7m above the waterline.


Each en-suite bathrooms have hot water and pressurized showers for that intense massage at the end of a hard day’s fishing!


The deluxe climatized restaurant provides our guests with breakfast, lunch and dinner with traditional and regional menus and cuisine.


The ‘open’ bar is nearby and serves snacks, selected wines, spirits, hot and cold drinks and cocktails, all included. There is ample room with a walk-around Varanda.


The Hotel also has Cable TV with more than 200 channels, Radio, Internet connection with WiFi covering the whole of the Hotel, 30 cameras for security (filming & recording 24 hours), Voipe and Satellite  Telephones.


Laundry is made daily and sheets and pillowcases will also be changed daily.


There is also a tackle store at the hotel providing hooks, rods, reels, lines and even fishing clothes should any luggage be lost by airlines etc.


* The Hotel also lends tackle to guests without any cost. – this needs to be ordered well beforehand.



No.1 choice

for fly and lure fishing  

Surubim cat